Secretary Interface - Player Registration

Secretary Interface - Player Registration

Player Registration

Once logged in, to register players select ‘Player Registration’ to start the process.

This will take you to the Registration Page, where you can enter all pertinent data specific to whom you are registering.

The fields required are defined below, for ease of use:

  • Member Number
    • This is a unique identifier for the player and can be created by the Secretary. Using this field is opitonal: the QBA do not use the information
  • Organisation
    • Select your organisation from the drop-down list. Please remember to do this - the default Organisation is Beenleigh Brass Band, so please check prior to submitting.
  • Band Name
    • Enter the name of the band. For example, Brisbane Brass 1 or Sunnybank and District Brass Band No.2. 
  • Member Surname
  • Member First Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Registered Date
    • For this, enter the date that you are completing the registration form.
  • Type
    • For this field, select the instrument or part from the drop-down list.
  • Secretary Declaration
    • This is a "tick box" where the Secretary must attest to the validity of the data they have entered. Once the "Submit" button is pressed the process is complete.
  • From here, you may leave the website or register another player as required.

It must be noted that as a Band Secretary, you can gather the information needed for each person any way you like. This could be via the previously used form (available on the website here), email or any other means. Submission of this information to the QBA is only necessary via the Registration process offered within the Website.

Fundamentally, this process depends on Secretaries being honest and respecting the state and national governing bodies and the community banding movement. By submitting the information in the form, you must tick the box that confirms that you are the appointed Secretary for the band and that you are entering correct information. Any ambiguity or uncertainty regarding information you are providing must be resolved by the Secretary prior to the Registration Process. If any information is discovered to be incorrect by a product of the Registrar review or during a contest, the matter will be managed by the QBA and suitable course of action identified.



  • How do Band Secretaries collect the necessary information to register players on the Website?
    • However you want to! You could use the old Registration Form to collect the data (available on the website here), email the player to get their details or even complete the registration process whilst they are standing next to you if you like. The QBA Registrar will use the information entered into the Website only - there is no need to send in or forward the Registration Forms to the Registrar any more!


  • How will the Registrar know when my Registration Form has been submitted on the Website?
    • As soon as you complete the process by pressing 'Submit Registration', an email is generated that informs the Registrar. In due course, the Registrar will be able to review the information entered and finalise the registration process. Band Secretaries will be notified if any further action is required, which would only be necessary in exceptional circumstances.


  • What happens if I realise that Iíve made a mistake after the submission?
    • This is no problem: simply email the Registrar directly to communicate the mistake and provide the correct information (Contact details can be found on the website here). The Registrar can update the information stored, thus ensuring that the Player Registration Records are kept up to date.


  • How do I see what players are currently registered within my organisation?
    • The website interface for Secretaries enables them to check the list of players registered to their organisation. Information for how Secretaries can do this, is provided here.


  • I would like a demonstration of the process?
    • Of course, we are happy to support! If you would like to visit the QBA and have a demonstration of the process, please refer to the QBA Calendar (provided on the website here). This calendar will show you when the next QBA Meeting is being held - all are welcome to attend. If you intend on coming, please let the QBA know in advance, so that we can be sure that we have the appropriate resources prepared to facilitate an effective demonstration.


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