Secretary Interface - Website Access

Secretary Interface - Website Access

Secretary Interface

The QBA has created a new website with a new interface for Band Secretaries – with this interface comes several changes which are intended to enhance the support provided by the QBA. This article was created, to help introduce the key functionality for Secretaries to ensure that the transition using the website is as smooth as possible. Please be sure to engage the Registrar directly if you are having trouble. Contact details can be found on the website under the 'Contact Us' tab.

For Secretaries, there are three functions provided to you using the Website:

  • Player Registration;
    • Use this functionality to register players within your organisation
  • Proposal Submission; and
    • Use this functionality to formally request support from the QBA (unrelated to member registration)
  • Current Player Registrations
    • This enables Band Secretaries to access a list of registered players, in order to a) confirm their player list pre-contest, and b) identify if a player they intend to register requires clearance from another band.

Accessing the Website

To enter the Secretary interface on the website, on the home page ( at the bottom click the red button called ‘Member Login’.

If you have not received a Secretary Login, contact the QBA via the 'Contact Us' tab on the main page.

Once you have entered in your login details, you will notice that the top menu of the website, has an extra option titled ‘Band Secretaries’. By clicking this label, you will see three options available:

  • Player Registration;
  • Submit a Proposal; and
  • Current Player Registrations.

Player Registration

There is a separate article on the Player Registration Process. Click here to view.

Submit a Proposal

This function enables you to enter key information, to present to the QBA if you require support for an initiative your band has.

Current Player Registrations

This interface will enable Band Secretaries to view a list of all registered players within the QBA. You can view this information to confirm your own band player list, prior to a contest. The information is sorted by Band Name, so you can navigate to your band, by scrolling down, or by pressing 'CTRL+F', to engage the search function. Using this, you can search directly for any Band or Player Name in the QBA Registrar Database. If you wish to copy the player names in your band, you can click and drag top-left to bottom-right to select the information you want. Once the text is highlighted, press 'CTRL+C' to copy. From there, you can open a blank XL Spreadsheet and simply select the top-left cell, then press 'CTRL+V' to paste this selected data. The information provided via this interface is designed to supplement the information and tracking for band members already maintained by Band Secretaries. The information is also useful, during the Registration process to provide a means to identify if clearance from another band is required before submitting the player registration via the website.

Please note, that access to this information is only for Band Secretaries ONLY. This information is not to be transmitted or reproduced and distributed by any means.



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Secretary Interface - Player Registration

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