• QLD Youth Band Camp

    9th - 12th January 2018 at Brookfield
  • QLD Band Championships

    23rd & 24th September a the Redcliffe Cultural Centre
  • Join the QBA

    Are you interested in supporting your governing body and working together to support and grow banding in Queensland? If so, contact the QBA via tanya.torpy@optusnet.com and volunteer to be a part of the team working to promote and sustain banding in Queensland.
  • Join your Local Band

    Do you know how to play an instrument or would you like to learn? If so, please refer to the list of QBA Affiliated bands to locate a Band in your local area. There are many bands all throughout Queensland that would love for you to be involved!
  • Centre of Expertise

    The new Website features a new function, the Centre of Expertise (CoE). The CoE is designed to be a useful tool for all bands and banders, as it is a dedicated database of useful knowledge for banders that can easily be searched with the press of a button. From marketing to fundraising ideas and other concepts and approaches to improve your band profile in the public, the CoE is intended to help all bands improve and grow as their own organisations. Read More
  • QBA Support for Band Projects

    Do you have a new proposal that you would like supported by the QBA? If you do, please ask your band secretary to complete the New Proposal Form available to them on this website. Read More
  • 1 QLD Youth Band Camp
  • 2 QLD Band Championships
  • 3 Join the QBA
  • 4 Join your Local Band
  • 5 Centre of Expertise
  • 6 QBA Support for Band Projects

Latest News

Following their recent championship winning triumphs, Australia’s premier brass band Brisbane Excelsior Band are taking to the stage once again to present a pair of celebration concerts entitled...
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It is with much sadness that we inform the banding community in Queens...
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 Please be advised that these times are APPROXIMATE. Spectators a...
 Due Date Extension26th September - Application form and deposit!...